Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Special 'She'.

I have seen many faces, befriended and acquainted with many people in my life. Those faces, and my memories with them all have faded away with time, but, there is one such person, I know, will forever remain special to me. No, this is not the boyfriend thing. This special person walked into my life as a teacher. I have never considered any teacher to be 'special' before this. I have followed this teacher of mine in every aspect; she has shaped me into a better person that I am today. With her, time flew and now, it's time for me to leave this institution and it seems like someone just woke me up from my sleep, where I was in a different place, my dreamland, where I was all happy with the teacher I adore so much. I can feel a lump in my throat for I've got a reality check, 'nothing lasts forever', but I so wish it did. Today, she (my special teacher) claims that I would eventually forget her as I proceed with living my life where I will see many other faces. But, little does she know, that she is not just another face I know. To me, she means a lot more than she can imagine. She must know, that forgetting her is not even the last thing I would wish for, also I would never let her forget me for I am always going to bother her with my presence (shamelessly).
She is more like a Kohinoor and only a fool would let go of a Kohinoor in search of pebbles, and I'm definitely not that fool.


  1. Awww... Lovely words! But, don't you think the simile, "Kohinoor" is a little too much?

    1. No ma'am, not at all, it is too less for your comparison. <3