Thursday, 14 April 2016

It's Complicated..

"He can't be present with you all the time. So he sends His angel"
" I read this line somewhere. But never believed it.
Because I was an atheist.
But then something happened to me which changed my life. He made me believe that he still exists; watching me all the time.
I don't know why I always got such feelings that I knew you since ages. Maybe it's just my brain's malfunctioning. Whatever it is, it's real and true.
I wonder if this is what they call karmic soulmate!?
Thank you stranger!
Thanks for helping me discover myself. I know I cannot thank you enough in meagre words but still I try.
It was because of you that I experienced love for the first time. And I don't know how and when I fell in love with you.
It all seems so magical now
But yeah, that's it!
Some stories look beautiful when incomplete.
I wish you get your prince soon, you deserve a love story, as loveable as you are.
And with heavy heart I must say bye!
Our journey ends here."
This was his last letter for her, not a word uttered after this.
She was too silly to realise what she was letting go of until she read this. But, once she read this, she knew it was too late already for she knew what a crazy man he was, and that she cannot have this man back in her life ever again. She tried, even, but failed. She heard nothing from him after that. She kept regretting about her choice of letting him go. How she wishes to undo certain things, some words that she feels she shouldn't have said, those words were better unspoken, but she said it and now it's too late, too late to even regret for he is gone.
Whereas, he still loves her, but is too scared to lose her again. He often calls her randomly, doesn't utter a word but just listens to her voice, screaming 'hello' several times, and disconnecting the call furiously. Little does she know, it's him.
Several months have passed and now, she believes that he must have forgotten her already and should have probably moved on in life with someone special, and there is no way he would be getting back. After all that she put him through, was enough for him to suffer. But those random calls never stopped, and she didn't bother about it much for they weren't frequent.
But she loves him, and it's too late to confess; he loves her, and it's too much to express. Some stories indeed look beautiful when incomplete!