Tuesday, 12 April 2016


And here my hero comes,
Back he comes, with all the smiles!
"Come to me, little princess", calls he.
Dear daddy, how much I've missed you,
Each minute of our lives we, recite a prayer for you
Far away in some place,
Gone were you, to fight a battle.
How brave a soldier you were.
Incomplete is this family in your absence,
Jake was killed and Bill was shot, how we feared for your life.
Kamerad, was not an option for you.
Least were you concerned for self, and
More for your country.
Now, as you lay still before me,
Oh, how I wish you were alive.
Pick me & throw me up in the air, come play with me,
Queer you look so quiet.
Respond to my pleas,
See how much we need you.
Teach me how to grow,
Under a shelter without you?
Valued and preserved shall you be in our hearts till eternity, but,
Would you ever come back to life again?
Xeric and lifeless you lay before me,
You were never so quiet before.
Zounds I make now, to live your dream someday.