Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Hidden 'You'.

I don't know you enough, but I can tell what you like and what you dislike, I can tell what would you rather choose over something, and I can tell other simple things like that.
But, I want to know things that are untold, things that you keep within; I do not want to have a conversation with you, but just listen to you speak. It is amazing how you make simple talks seem interesting, and I wonder what would you sound like if you were to talk about real, intense things.
I want to know you more from the inside, I want to meet what lies within you, and what hides between the folds of your heart, I want you to show me your soul.
Tell me about the things that amaze you, I want to know what you want from life. Tell me what your inner goddess and demons speak. Tell me all of this for I wish to be introduced to your crazy soul which is revealed otherwise.
I wish to know you like that to know myself better. It surprises me to see that others fail to see the amazing person that you are and treat you like you're ordinary. You are no ordinary; you are magnificent, this is a treasured secret for the world is blind to see.
I know the other things already, but these are the things that I really want to know, this is what I really am greedy about for I don't know you just enough.


  1. The craziness in another appeals to one only when he or she bears the craziness within him or her, otherwise it's 'just' another dull being!

    1. Glad to know that I'm crazy, too! thank you ma'am. :P :D

    2. That's just a little part of it, there's so much more to discover!

    3. Explore at a comfortable pace, hastiness would ruin the whole experience!

    4. If there is another lifetime after this, I'm willing to spend the whole of that to know more, and there's no hurry at all. :P