Sunday, 8 May 2016

This Mother's Day..

My mother is undoubtedly the best person I have in my life. I love her immensely and unconditionally, and she knows that well. Sure, I don't wait for such days to tell her how special she is to me and how much I really love her, for I tell her that several times in a day and she's already sick of all of my I love yous. My mother has always been all that I've wanted her to be - a friend, a guide, a philosopher, and all that she already is. She understands me better than any other person in this entire word, and the best part is that she doesn't even wait until I ask her for something, I already have it way before it even clicks my mind.
I am writing this today, not only to thank my mother, but also to convey this little message to all those teenagers and those in their 20s and even 30s, who think that saying 'I love you' to your mothers is lame and embarrassing; trust me, it is not lame, having such a thought is lame.. I'm 20 myself, and I still crawl up to her, give her a hug and also a peck, and tell her how much she really means to me and that I love her. That is exactly what a mother really needs, your love and your concern.
Use today as your excuse, if not tell her but at least write a letter saying how much you really love her, and that will surely make her happy. Don't wait until it's too late already. You're never too old to tell your mother how you feel, tell her that she's important and that she matters to you!
Happy mother's day to all beautiful mommies!

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