Monday, 23 May 2016

Name it whatever..

Today, I recall the day when it was time I said: "I do". I was dressed beautifully, and I stood before a man, I had thought, I loved. A voice repeatedly echoed, to know, if I accept this man, standing before me, as my 'lawfully wedded husband', while I was battling feelings with thoughts. Everything seemed still and suddenly, my heart sank, when I realised that I actually love the man, who was away and I thought it was too late to realise this, but was it too later already? My heart, filled with happiness, and my dead lips, broadened suddenly. I brought myself back to reality only to say one word, which was " No!". Clearly my feelings had won the battle of love; my face lit up with joy. I held my gown and rushed towards the exit only to find the man I love, waiting for me, just outside, with hope on his face. As he looked at me, he cried like a baby and embraced me...
Today, I'm beautifully dressed again, standing before this man, I know, I love; and without a second thought, when I was asked, if I accept him as my lawfully wedded husband, I said "Yes, I do!".