Friday, 24 February 2017

You Only Live Once.

We humans are not complicated, really. We make ourselves complicated. Everything is tiny before us, but what makes it seem huge is our mind, it is but our ability to over think that makes our lives and our selves difficult.
I agree, every person deals with things differently. These 'things' can be problems, feelings, fear, or whatever you want to name it!
But let us take a minute to realise that we are given just one life, and what good is it going to bring us, to keep our thoughts within? Can we not find an easier way to explain our thoughts and feelings to people who really care? Can we not live a life less complicated? I know, it takes courage, I've been there. I've given myself the 'talk', you know, "Suffer in silence!", But that is not how you should be dealing with things. Find a way to come out. If not say, you can always write.
Life seems so much better when you have someone wanting to just listen to what you have to say. Speak it out, empty yourself, you don't need that extra baggage of fear, guilt, sadness.. you don't need to think too much about anything at all.
I'm sure, there has to be too much within, but just put one step forward. And you will be surprised to see yourself walking your way to peace. Don't wait too long for until you realise it is too late to take that first step.
You're hurt? Let that person know why!
You love him/her? Say it!
Worried about a test or an interview? Prepare well, and trust yourself.
You don't have to leave people guessing what you're mad about, or whatever that's bothering you. if they care, they'll ask, don't brush such things away. Talk!
Fear is not going to help you get through, only you can do that! You just need to put that one step forward, because You Only Live Once.

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  1. "YOLO" Keep up the good spirit and let it last long, really long!